1 min read

Blicko: a social music box

Blicko is a company from Sweden who hopes to change the way you listen to music. I like to think of Blicko as a next generation jukebox, but they say…..

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Netflix’s new originals

If you’ve been to Netflix’s website today, you might have noticed some new Netflix Originals. I’m not talking about a new episode of ‘House of Cards’ though. You’re more likely…..

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Prototypo hopes to make typography creation easy

Prototypo is still in private beta. Soon, its developers will release a beta version to the public. They also said that they’d be launching a crowdfunding champaign before an official…..

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Office finally comes to iPad

Microsoft has just released Office for iPad. Now, users of the Microsoft Office Suit can use it on desktop, or iPad. Documents sync via OneDrive so you can read or…..

2 mins read

FD Themes Review

Since I started using WordPress, I’ve always liked trying different themes by different companies. For some reason, I like seeing the way each team of developers stitch a theme together……

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Who will win the Wearables War?

Motorola, a Google company, has just recently unveiled their “Moto 360″ watch. A lame name we admit, but the actual device looks promising. But what does the future of wearables…..

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Flappy Bird clones are being rejected

Since the overnight sensation known as Flappy Bird disappeared from the marketplaces, many clones have tried to fill the gap. According to some, Google and Apple are preventing some of…..